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1. How to Write a Business Book to Attract New Customers, Clients, or Natural-health Patients

—The Blog Series, Introduction: Blog 1

Congratulations on your book-to-be! A new book is an exciting and important addition to your business, one that underscores you as a top expert in your field, spotlights your business as the go-to resource in your industry, and enables you to command higher fees as a result.

By providing a book packed with information your readers want, in a way they find enjoyable to read, you will draw fresh prospects into your new-business funnel, and solidify your relationships with existing customers, clients, or patients through the addition of this valuable asset.

Today, producing a book can deliver a higher ROI than ever before, and is easier than ever to produce. By using this means to position yourself as a leading expert and to command higher fees, it will help you to recession-proof your business, and provide the Information Age solutions that are increasingly in demand.

What’s more, readers impressed by your book will promote it to their associates as a must-read, and bring new business right to your doorstep, people eager to invest in the solutions your business provides.

All that remains is to write a book that impresses. That dazzles. That gets recommended as a must-read. The blog series you see before you is the vehicle that will enable you to make it happen.

My writing and editing career began in 2001. Since then, business professionals new to writing book-length manuscripts have asked me countless questions about the book-production process. To answer them all, even some you might not think to ask, I wrote Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!, from which I’ve drawn the content for these articles.

In the posts that follow, you’ll find virtually everything you need to know to write your business book manuscript. If you’re interested, Business Gold also contains everything you’ll need to know to self-publish and market it.

My goal is to provide you with everything you need to strike business gold with your book, step by step, simply presented, all in one place.

How do you use this blog series? Develop and write your book while you’re reading these articles, and when you reach the end of this series, you’ll have a manuscript ready to self-publish, one that will spotlight your expertise, attract a ton of new customers, and explode your profits!

A quick side note. Naturally, I write these articles for both men and women readers. To avoid wordiness, I use “he,” “him,” and “his” rather than “he/she,” “him/her,” “his/hers.” If your book’s target readers are primarily women, by all means, use “she,” “her,” and “hers” in your book.

So here we are at the end of my introduction, and the beginning of your new book’s success.

To get started crafting your manuscript now, continue on to the next article, Blog 2.

Wishing you business gold!

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The content for this blog series is taken from my book Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!, available at (The publisher, Business Book Productions, is now PogoFish Media, owned by the author of this article).

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