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for authors

PogoFish Media assists you to quickly and easily speak—not write!—a business book or an autobiography, a book designed to surge incoming business to your natural health practice, business, or ministry.


Each author works personally with our founder, Tammy Barley, a multi-award-winning author, editor, and ghostwriter. With her step-by-step assistance, the manuscript idea in your head can swiftly be transformed into a self-published book, one developed to be a key inbound-marketing tool that both attracts your target readers and draws them straight to your practice, business, or ministry.


Whether you’re an accomplished author or you've never been a writer before, Ms. Barley and the gifted contributors at PogoFish Media help you to create, edit, self-publish, and market a top-of-the-line book, planned from day one to meet or exceed your related goals. And most importantly, your future book will produce positive, lasting ripples in the lives of your readers.

​for Everyone

Need a stunning website, graphics, photographs, or a video? From a special event to business marketing, PogoFish Media has what you need to secure the spotlight with vibrant visual media.


Biographies, and

Military Memoirs

A Sampling of Our Authors' Books

. . . for which we provided book development, coaching, editing, ghostwriting, interior layout, custom cover design, and/or self-publishing assistance. We assist a wide spectrum of authors with equally diverse needs. Some of our authors work with their own publishers or graphic designers to create their book covers. To see a sampling of our book-cover designs, visit the Book Covers page.


. . . and our authors' reviews simply sparkle

Millennials Matter is packed with tips

for connecting with, mentoring, and developing the leaders of the future.”

—KEN BLANCHARD, coauthor of

The New One Minute Manager

and Lead Like Jesus Revisited

“Its grit and candor grip the reader, and its in-your-face realism is a breath of fresh air in a world of stale story-telling—this book has a real happy ending for the author.” “Awesome!”

“. . . Captivating and invaluable.”—READER REVIEWS at  

“I’ve got many functional medicine books in my office (I work with women with hormonal imbalances), and this books really nails it. Instead of having to read ten different books to get answers to fatigue, this book compiles them all in one. And, it’s written in plain English so anyone can understand it.”—MAGDALENA WSZELAKI, author of Cooking for Hormone Balance

". . . A remarkable story and so very well written, it’s hard to put down.”  

“. . . A page turner and exciting

story . . .” “. . . Inspirational.”


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Our Services

Book Creation

Need to write your autobiography, military memoir, or a lead-generating business book? With our intuitive two-day manuscript-creation program and the expertise of more than one hundred books to date, PogoFish leaps to the forefront of outstanding,

all-inclusive book creation and self-publication. 

Website Design

When you’re ready to promote your published book, we can custom design your book’s website or landing page for you, to ensure your opus makes an impressive splash.

Not an author? No worries at all! The beginning of your personal, special event, or business website is just a few clicks away.


Capture a moment, yourself, or your business.

Whether for a book cover, marketing media, or a memory album, our sharp, vibrant photographs enable your brand or character to shine.

Available in northeastern Illinois.


Produce viral waves of attention for your book, business, message, or special event with one or more videos you can post on your website, YouTube channel, and other social media. 

Available in northeastern Illinois.


PLUS . . .

We can also assist you with brochures, business cards, press releases, magazine articles, ads, fliers, and more—an abundance of written and visual media to launch your business or message forward !

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

—Albert Einstein

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