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Earnings Disclaimer

Last updated: May 31, 2018


PogoFish Media has made every effort to accurately represent our programs, services, products, and information as well as their potential advantages. We do not guarantee that you or your business will financially gain by utilizing the strategies and information contained in the programs, services, products, and information we provide. Though we may use examples of individuals and/or businesses that have conveyed or demonstrated gain by utilizing the strategies and information we share, these examples are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of financial gain. The potential and amount of financial gain are dependent entirely upon the person, persons, or business that utilizes PogoFish Media’ programs, services, products, and information.


Any claims we make of specific earnings or any case studies we may refer to as proven results are verifiable should a request of verification be made. The degree of success and financial outcome for you and your business is dependent upon the extent to which you adhere to the strategies, techniques, investment of time, investment of resources, which includes but is not limited to personnel and financial, and investment in additional marketing professionals as well as your knowledge and skills. These and other factors vary from individual to individual and from business to business. As such, PogoFish Media cannot and does not guarantee success to any individual or business, nor can we guarantee income advancement for you or your business. We are not responsible for your actions.


Information contained within and through our programs, services, products, and website may include forward-looking statements as defined by the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements convey the forecasts of future outcomes or events we expect to take place. Such statements are identifiable in that they do not refer or relate solely to facts that are either historical or present-day in nature. When potential financial gain is referred to, words such as “plan,” “project,” “estimate,” “believe,” “anticipate” and other terms, phrases, and words may be used.


Any and all such statements that are forward-looking in nature, whether contained within or through our programs, services, products, website, and other information and materials, are the expression of our opinion of potential financial gain or outcome. No guarantees are or have been made that you or your business will attain any results, either the same as or similar to our results or anyone else’s.

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