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Keyboard a Manuscript?

How Antiquated.

Creating a manuscript shouldn't be an experience between you and a stack of paper. Or even you and a laptop. It should be between you and another human being. An expert book developer who guides health professionals and faith leaders to bring their books to life.

Whether by phone or in person, receive Tammy Barley's individualized assistance to help you plan your book. Then sit back while she interviews you and audio-records the sessions.

The transcribed audio becomes the basis of the manuscript draft.


Most authors who use this program speak—not write—their complete manuscript content . . . in a matter of days.

​The Book-Creation Process, in Detail

The Plan: You and I talk to sketch out the blueprint—those concepts you envision in your future book. We also discuss your take-away goals for your book’s audience plus your strategies for using the book to expand your business, practice, or ministry.


Afterward, I research top-selling books that have topics or audiences in any way similar to yours. Then we talk again to sharpen the plan. In this way, we ensure that your book’s content and message will be both in demand and exceptional.

The Interview: I interview you by phone, video call, or in person. While we speak, I audio-record our interview.


An in-depth interview is usually completed in two days.

The Ghostwrite: Using the audio transcript—your own words—I start to ghostwrite your manuscript draft. After finishing a chapter or so, I send it to you to make certain you’re delighted with the voice and style in which the content is emerging.

Ghostwriting an entire manuscript draft commonly takes three to four months.

The Edit: You read the manuscript, make any updates, then return the manuscript to me. I incorporate the updates with additional ghostwriting.

Note: Authors should read and edit their manuscripts a minimum of twice, with reflection time between, to ensure the finished book will be accurate and just as compelling as initially envisioned.

The Proofread: Either I or a trusted, independent proofreader will verify that the content is publication-ready.


And with that, your manuscript will be a few small steps away from being a published book.

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