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“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”


—John D. Rockefeller, Jr.


Here Are Answers.

What is your fee?

Everything listed on the Book Creation page and the Finalizing and Publishing page is included in the project fee. Provided your book project isn’t significantly longer than average, the fee will be around $15,000 to $25,000. We’ll sign an Agreement to that effect, so you know what to expect from the beginning.

You should enjoy a complete return of your investment with as few as 3000 to 5000 copies sold.

Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, I offer an Honored Military Service Member Discount of 15 percent to men and women active in or retired from the military.

How much of the work do I pay for up front? What is the payment schedule?

Completing an entire book, from initial idea to publication-ready manuscript, commonly takes five to seven months. The payment schedule is simple: Prepayments are made for each segment of 120 hours of work, for the duration of the project. Again, terms are detailed in the Agreement, so that you know what to expect at the outset.

​Will you ask to be listed on my book as a contributor?

Generally, no. Since I interview you to amass your book’s content, the words are predominately yours. I simply work with them to craft the best read possible. You are the author of your book.

Every book I assist with is designed from first step to last to become in demand, when marketed effectively. But if I am credited (for example, on an acknowledgements page), I'm simply credited as “editor,” never “ghostwriter.”

Do you request royalties from book sales?

No. The book is yours. A royalty share would only take place if we agreed to coauthor, which I have never opted to do.

I'm a speaker, but what if I have no experience as a book writer?

That’s actually quite an insightful question. A speech is a different animal than a book, and writing each requires unique skill sets. With my assistance, you’ll be able to author your book, whether or not you have a background in writing for publication.

If I've already written a manuscript, can you edit it and help me self-publish it?

Absolutely. Though note: I only help authors to self-publish if I've worked with them as editor.

Why else should I consider you? What is your “secret sauce”?

  • More than ten years in-depth biblical education.

  • Called by God to be a writer. Audibly.

  • Advanced creative-writing abilities, which result in an unputdownable book that grabs readers by the shirtfronts and rivets them to the content. I write in a way that readers feel engrossed in the information you share.

  • Education in journalism. I know what a book needs to ensure it is newsworthy, and I craft it to be such.

  • Screenwriting experience. Crucial, to inspire readers’ sense of involvement and enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations—which is and always will be the number-one way to sell books.

  • Strong background in business-book writing and business development, essential to achieving authors’ professional goals.

  • Former executive editor of a publishing company, proficient in book coaching, self-publishing coaching, book marketing, business marketing, and website design.


The above combination of expertise in one person is rare. That I use it to help you grow your business, practice, or corner of God’s kingdom is my secret sauce.


Visit my Clients’ Books page. Click on the covers of several. The links will take you to the books’ pages at or For each, click the Look Inside feature. In this way you can read a wide variety of authors I’ve been privileged to assist (including a few who write for secular audiences) and thereby experience my abilities firsthand.

​Do you offer a guarantee?

Every step of the way. With every project, my goal is not to stop until you are delighted with your book manuscript. Like the fee and payment schedule, my full guarantee is outlined in the Agreement.

​Do you provide help with book marketing?

Yes. After your book is published, I can assist you with your press release and other marketing materials, plus strategies as well.


Note that marketing a book is a different project than creating a book. Marketing options require additional fee(s).

​Why the name "PogoFish Media"?

God created you to be a fisher of men. A catalyst. One who makes disciples who make disciples. That’s a calling far from standing still on lifeless ground. It’s a boisterous, exhilarating ride.


Allow that to run around in your thoughts.


When you do, suddenly PogoFish Media becomes a fitting name for a business that launches life-changing and faith-based books, books that can make a huge splash for God’s kingdom.

​Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have, or to schedule a complimentary twenty-minute consultation.


I’d be delighted to help you bring your book idea to life.

See Tammy Barley's complete resume.

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