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Our Smart

Manuscript-Creation Approach

Comes with

a Savvy Finish

Comprehensive Finalizing and Publishing?


A completed manuscript is the main content of a book. But a book has many other pages and elements as well. Each one of these pages and elements must be intentionally crafted to motivate a book purchase, enhance the reading experience, or compel the reader to action.


Once those details have been seen to, the book will be set to publish.


Your future book must achieve bestseller excellence in every detail. To that end, Tammy Barley provides comprehensive assistance at every point.

Delivering a Strong Finish

After your manuscript’s content is complete, I’ll ghostwrite or assist with:

  • your book’s front matter (such as testimonials, dedication, acknowledgments, epigraph)

  • your book’s back matter (such as a bibliography, references, about-the-author page)

  • ideas for your book's title (and any subtitle)

  • your complete manuscript ready to submit to a publishing company, or your complete manuscript, fully formatted and ready to self-publish, should you choose self-publication (I offer advisement regarding each of these publishing options)​​

​If you choose to self-publish, I'll also ghostwrite or assist with:

  • your book’s interior formatting and design

  • your book’s front- and back-cover copy (synopsis, mini author bio, and more)

  • managing the custom book-cover design

  • the entire self-publishing process

  • conversion into e-book format and e-publishing, should you select this option

  • recommendations for book and e-book retail pricing and royalty percentages

  • obtaining your book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number—necessary so your book can be sold through retailers)

  • obtaining your book’s barcode

  • obtaining your book’s Library of Congress number

  • registering your book with the US Copyright Office

  • your book’s national and international distribution channels (for example, its availability to be purchased through in the US and globally)

  • creating the sales copy for its page at

​Whichever way you choose to publish, you’ll have no guesswork, no unknowns. You’ll enjoy personalized expertise, each step of the way.


Completing an entire book, from initial idea to publication-ready manuscript, commonly takes five to seven months.

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