When it comes to website hosting services that hook and reel visitors in, we believe Wix.com is top of the line. Www.PogoFishMedia.com is a Wix website, and we couldn’t recommend any website hosting service more. To show you just part of the sea of options Wix provides, we created each page of the PogoFish website to be unique—from photo and video backgrounds, to spatial designs, to element animations.


Our website design approach is simple:


Your images and videos


​Wix’s free images and videos


our design, SEO, and writing talents


The result? Visitors are fully immersed in your style and brand, as well as in your products, services, or message. We want to make you unforgettable.


Why do we create via a hosting service? Your website and design costs remain low, and your landing page or site is created swiftly. Afterward, the site is all yours. You can maintain it yourself or have someone of your choosing make occasional updates for you.


The following portfolio of our website designs showcases a variety of website hosting services. We recommend Wix, but we can make awesome waves with other hosting services if a client prefers.

website development



website of author Richard Kirchner


website of mechanical developer Gary Christ

Project Demine the Planet  home page 1 -
Project Demine the Planet  home page 2 -
Project Demine the Planet  about page -
Project Demine the Planet  newsblog page
Project Demine the Planet  contact page
Project Demine the Planet  donate subpag


website of Nature's Quest Wildlife Photography


website of author Tammy Barley

TammyBarley.com about page - PogoFish Me
TammyBarley.com home page - PogoFish Med
TammyBarley.com bookshop page - PogoFish
TammyBarley.com contact page - PogoFish


website of author Mony Nop

Some webpages may take a moment to load due to graphics displays provided for our clients seeking new websites.

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