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As owner of PogoFish Media, I know that a custom-developed, finely targeted business book or autobiography is one of the most important marketing tools a professional or an individual with a message can produce. And I know your time is precious.


So I’ve designed PogoFish Media’s book-creation solutions to quickly and easily help you to create (and self-publish) a top-of-the-line book, even if you’re not a writer. That means no guesswork. No unknowns. 


We provide personal, one-on-one book-creation assistance, from development of an initial idea to a published book that draws your readers straight to your natural health practice, business, or ministry.


At PogoFish Media, we make the complex, simple.

Tammy Barley

Tammy Barley,

Founder and President of

PogoFish Media

Our book creation


Platinum Draft™ 2-DaY

Book-Creation Program

Done with you!

Receive my personal, no-guesswork assistance to help you plan your book, then sit back while I interview you and audio-record our sessions. Most authors who use this program speak—not write!—outstanding manuscript drafts . . . in just two days. $795

Manuscript Editing

Done FOR you!

My custom edit transforms good manuscripts into those of world-class distinction. My clients’ books receive high reader reviews and have helped to more than double incoming business.


Done FOR you!

Using your blog posts, speech transcripts, or other materials, or by interviewing you and using the audio transcripts, I can ghostwrite your manuscript for you, with your own words.

Book Completion

Done with you OR done for you!

We offer our clients custom book-cover design, interior graphics design, page-by-page layout so your manuscript is 100 percent publication-ready, the knowledge you need to make self- publishing a snap, market-your-book coaching, and assistance with:

  • author photographs

  • book trailers and promotional videos

  • press release ghostwriting or editing

  • magazine article ghostwriting or editing

  • and more

That's simple too. Feel free to visit our Contact page to ask a question or to schedule a free 30-minute Q&A author consultation with Tammy Barley. 

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