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7. How to Write a Business Book to Attract New Customers, Clients, or Natural-health Patients

—The Blog Series: Blog 7

Part 1: Develop Your Concept

One-Line Book Summary

In the same way you developed a one-line summary of your business and products or services (your elevator pitch), take time now to create an effective one-line summary of your book—its subject matter, audience, and benefits—in any order that best captures attention and compels your listener to need your book.

Try to limit the summary to thirty words or fewer. Use the bottom three lines of your book’s mission statement, if that would be a powerful elevator pitch.

Write your one-line summary now.

Next, read over your book pitch several times and become familiar with it. When someone asks you what your book will be about, you can tell them and begin promoting your book now, even before you publish it.

You should also be able to use this summary in your marketing campaign.

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The content for this blog series is taken from my book Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!, available at (The publisher, Business Book Productions, is now PogoFish Media, owned by the author of this article).

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