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for Business marketing

and special events 

Add vivid splash to your marketing

or special event

with a captivating video

Photography and videography are available in northeastern Illinois.

​Amplify your marketing efforts—capture viral attention for your business, products, or services.

A custom video on your website, social media, or at a trade show is only the beginning. Video can attract 3 times the organic inbound links, and the average website visitor remains 88 percent longer on a site with video. That enables prospects to get to know, like, and trust you, and to virally savor your business environment. Entrepreneurs who add explainer videos to their websites increase sales as much as 80 percent!


From there, a cleverly created, emotionally engaging video gets shared and raved about! YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, with three billion searches each month. People. Love. Video. Just one video can reveal your unique personality, brand, and values, as well as promote your products and services. You can also save time—educate with a video series.


Forge lasting memories with a special-event video.

We can transform snapshots and video clips of your emerging ballerina, musician, athlete, or Scout into a video compilation that places her or his best moments center stage.

Celebrate best friends, prom night, graduation, a wedding, years of a beautiful marriage, an unforgettable vacation, or favorite pets—have us turn your cherished pics and video clips into a thematic video you can treasure or give as a gift.

Need photography and videography for an upcoming special event? Yes, we do that too.

Why Did God Create Me?
What Is My Life Purpose?
What Is Childlike Faith?
How Do I Benefit When I Pray
for Someone Else?
How Do I Know if God Has Done
a Miracle in My Life?
How to Open Your
Hurting Heart to God
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and Resist the Devil?

author and inspirational speaker Richard Kirchner responds with wisdom and heart to

challenging faith questions


Mechanical Designer Gary Christ,

Developer of Demining Rover PE1

and Founder of Project Demine The Planet

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