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2. How to Write a Business Book to Attract New Customers, Clients, or Natural-health Patients

—The Blog Series: Blog 2

Part 1: Develop Your Concept

The first question many entrepreneurs ask me is, “Do I have a viable book concept?” My answer is this. If you have information to share that hasn’t been published before (or hasn’t been recently published with new developments or a fresh slant), if that information has an audience, and if that audience is substantial enough, and your lead-generation goals important enough, to be worth investing some of your time and resources, then yes. You have a viable concept.

A business book is a tool. It’s bait on your marketing hook, which will entice readers (prospects) into your business. Juicy bait, absolutely, but remember that a book isn’t the hook, line, and sinker that’ll land your prospect, meaning forge a loyal customer with lifetime value. Your business has to provide those. A book also isn’t a flick of the wrist away from landing on a best-seller shelf. Nor should you depend on book sales as a revenue stream of its own. It is bait.

Juicy bait. In fact, business books are now known as the ultimate marketing tool. The reason is that your book targets your premium prospects, and can presell them on one or more of your professional solutions.

“How exactly does it draw in new prospects?” you wonder? Readers seek out your book (they come searching for you) in order to resolve a pain point, or to grow their knowledge in an area of interest.

As your book unfurls the answers, readers become comfortable, even excited, with the small investment of the book and the insights and assistance it delivers.

The book enables prospects to get to know, like, and trust you, to make a small purchase, and with it sample what it means to work with you and your business, leading them to go to you for a more substantial purchase.

When done right, your book will compel readers to do exactly that.

Your goal for producing a book shouldn’t be wealth from copies sold, but to possess the ultimate lead-generation tool. The most enticing bait.

Book sales won’t make you money. You’ll make money because the book sells you.

With that goal in mind, I’ll now show you how to create the book your prospects are searching for.

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The content for this blog series is taken from my book Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!, available at (The publisher, Business Book Productions, is now PogoFish Media, owned by the author of this article).

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