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13. How to Write a Business Book to Attract New Customers, Clients, or Natural-health Patients

—The Blog Series: Blog 13

Part 1: Develop Your Concept

7. Create Chapter and Section Titles

Now that you have an idea what your book title might be, go over your topic outline once more. For each topic and subtopic, create a chapter or section title. Much like the book title (see previous blog post, 12), each title should:

· succinctly and accurately convey the topic

· impact and excite the reader

· target your readers/prospects

· reflect your brand

Yes, unless you’re gifted with titles, this too will likely take a little time. If so, no worries. Sleep on it, more than once, if needed. In addition to engaging your reader, each title should also inspire you to write gripping, valuable content. Adjust each title until it wows you.

Feel free to revisit the competitor research you did, the webpages you bookmarked. Let those chapter and section titles (found in each book’s table of contents) inspire ideas for yours. Again, be sure your titles are distinctly unique.

If one or more titles do not come to you within a few days, move forward to the next step and simply use the topic description from your outline. When the chapter or section title finally comes to you, insert it then.

See you when you’re done.

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The content for this blog series is taken from my book Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!, available at (The publisher, Business Book Productions, is now PogoFish Media, owned by the author of this article).

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