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11. How to Write a Business Book to Attract New Customers, Clients, or Natural-health Patients

—The Blog Series: Blog 11

Part 1: Develop Your Concept

Organize Your Topics

“So, how do I organize my topics?”

Great question, and here’s the answer. As I mentioned a few blog posts ago, each chapter should contain one main point and its related subpoints. You might find a simple outline useful as you plot the order in which you will present your topics and subtopics.

On a new word-processor page, write a simple outline of topics and subtopics in a logical progression. The following may seem obvious, but many authors find the reminder helpful: Be sure to explain how to hold the proverbial golf club before you teach them how to swing it. In other words, develop each point in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Simple concepts first, then more complex concepts after.

Is topic organization difficult to do in your word-processing document? Then simply write each topic or subtopic on its own index card. Index cards are easy to reorder, and they’re an effective way to envision your book’s layout.

If you plan to write a biographical business book, you may opt for a chronological ordering of your topics. (I explain writing a biographical business book in detail in my book Business Gold.)

If you brainstormed topics that won’t fit well in your book, just save them for your next book, or use them as topics of magazine articles or blog posts.

When you’re finished with your outline, you’ll have an organized, working copy of your table of contents, the blueprint for your manuscript.

Here’s an example of part of a fictitious book outline:

As you can see, this organization of topics begins by teaching the basics of the subject matter, then advances toward detailed solutions.

Teach them to hold the club before you teach them to swing it. Help them to walk, then to run.

Good news—I’ve run out of clichés. I’ll see you after you organize your topics.

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